Sometimes you may want to manually spot check rankings for your keywords.

To do so, follow the instructions below...

First, when looking at your location's keywords you should note that the 'Rank' column and traditional keyword data is coming from our data partner, SerpRobot. SerpRobot allows you to track rankings for the Map Pack as well as organic search results.

The GeoGrid tracking is developed by us and either powered by the Google Places API or our own infrastructure.

In order to spot check rankings, you have a couple of options...

First test: : Add your keyword and list all the required information. It will open a tab and you will be able to see the ranking. If you are not ranking in the top 3, open further to see where your rank is listed. 

Next test: : Add the information required and then run the search. Your browser will open with results 'spoofed' in the location you've entered.

One of the reasons we developed the GeoGrid was due to the variation in rank tracking data across various providers. If you do a search with multiple other rank trackers, you'll get varied results depending on where that tracker is choosing to query the search from. 

Final test: : Enter keyword, enter the information, and then you will see the results in the next tab. 

All three of these applications use browser settings to tell Google where you are 'searching from' without actually being in that location.  Using the three different platforms you can get an idea on where your location is popping up for different devices, providers and search types.

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