To schedule a report, follow these steps: 

First, log into your Local Viking account
Second, at the top of your screen click, Geo Grid Search and click Scheduled Search

You will be on the scheduled Search page where you can begin to create a geogrid report for each of your Google My Business listings.

Once you select the GMB listing you want to make a report for and select the settings you want, click Create Config. Your new config will be made in the Configs tab.

As the weeks and months pass by, your reports will be automatically made and saved for you in the Configs tab. To see a report go into the Configs tab and select the eye icon next to a GMB listing you're interested in.

At the top right, select the keyword you want to see the reports for. You will see a running timeline of all reports made. You can click on any date to see how your ranks have progressed. You can also download a GIF to see a visual of how you've done since the beginning.

If you have further questions about how geogrids work, please message customer support at the bottom right of your screen.

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