Welcome to Local Viking!

The first step to setting up your account is to simply add the GMB's into Local Viking.

Step 1: Adding the Gmail account

Locate the email address on your account in the upper right corner of your account and select 'Google Accounts'

Step 2: Run the authorization process

Once you're on the Google Accounts page, click on the 'Add account' button to run the authorization process to sync the locations into your account.

Allow the software to sync. The time frame will depend on the maturity of the GMB. The software pulls surface level information first and then will continue to sync in the background.

Step 3: Enable/Disable locations

After the locations are in your account, you can click on the Google account you've added. From there, you can enable/disable locations you want to manage.

Example: The Google account you've added has 20 locations connected but you only want to manage 9 of them. You're able to select the locations you want to manage.

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