Step 1 Apply for GBP API
Written by Gen Cutajar
Updated over a week ago

If you are an Agency, Apply for a Google API.

Do not call your project “Local Viking” or any variation. Whatever your project is titled, make sure it does not have the word viking.

Fill out the Google API Request Form at

  1. Use the Domain email ( in the Google cloud console and same email in the application

  2. Write down your project id and project number, or tattoo it, please remember it and use only one project that you used in the application

If you need video instructions on how to fill out this form, please watch this video:

You MUST be approved by Google to complete the entire process. Please submit a screenshot of the email stating you were approved to us. The link below shows the email we need to see. If you do not have this email, you have not gotten approved yet.

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