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Is Local Viking 'Safe' To Use For My GMBs?
Is Local Viking 'Safe' To Use For My GMBs?

On footprints and general safety.

Written by Sebastian Donnelly
Updated over a week ago

We often get asked if the platform is 'safe' to use.  The quick and simple answer is yes, Local Viking is 100% compliant and is an approved application leveraging the Google My Business API. 

When you authenticate your Google Account(s), the handshake between Local Viking and Google leaves us with a unique token that we use when making API calls to post or update your location.  

We work with a number of agencies managing hundreds of locations for their clients and there are millions of listings that are programmatically interacted with via the GMB API - all happily making posts, updating attributes and pulling insight data. 

Local Viking uses the GMB API to poll for changes in your locations, upload posts and location media, detect location suspensions & deletions and we will continue to build more TOS compliant functionality going forward. 

All of the functionality listed above happens using a combination of our API key and your location's Google Account's Oauth token.  We monitor for abuse in terms of post frequency and ask that you use your brain before you set up those recurring posts minutes apart. 

The Google Places API is what powers the GeoGrid Search functionality and these keys are completely agnostic to your GMB locations and/or Google Accounts.  You are free to add as many Google Places API keys into your account (if say for instance you have clients and they get their own keys, too). 

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