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Keyword and Geo Grid Credits Explained
Keyword and Geo Grid Credits Explained
Written by Sebastian Donnelly
Updated over a week ago

At the top right of your screen, you will see two numbers. The number on your left is your keyword credits and the number on your right is your geogrid credits.

Keyword Credits Explained

Let's talk about keyword credits first. Click on any location and click the details tab. Select 'Keywords' tab on the left panel.

Cost: 1 keyword entered will be 1 credit per keyword per type, times the frequency of the check.

Types: Maps, Organic desktop, Organic mobile.

Check frequency: Ranges from every 48 hours to once a month.

So our keyword "hire ruby on rails developers" is being checked on Local Rank (maps), Organic Rank device, and an Organic Mobile Rank device.

In this case, the credit cost is 3.

We are also checking the keyword once a week and they're about 4 weeks in a month. So 3 x 4 = 12 keyword credits a month for the keyword "hire ruby on rails developers"

For all 3 of those keywords its 36 credits a month because they have all 3 types enabled and it's being tracked once a week.

It's important to note that keyword credits do not roll over every month so use as many keyword scans as your plan allows for.

Geo Grid Credits Explained

Let's talk about how the geogrid credits work. Every node costs 1 credit so a 9 by 9 scan is 81 credits. If the Geogrid is on a set schedule, ran at say once a week, it will cost 81 credits times 4 or 324 credits a month.
It's important to note that geogrid credits do roll over every month to an infinite amount.
Here is a quick reference on how many credits a geogrid is worth
3x3 = 9 GeoGrid Credits used
5x5 = 25 GeoGrid Credits used
7x7 = 49 GeoGrid Credits used
9x9 = 81 GeoGrid Credits used
13x13 = 169 GeoGrid Credits used

Disabled Nodes

If you modify GeoGrids by disabling nodes, you won't get charged for them

For example, you did 9x9 = 81, but you disabled 5 nodes therefore you will be charged 76 credits

For more questions on our credit system, please message our support team at the chatbox on the bottom right.

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