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Bulk Image Upload

Bulk upload images

Written by Gen Cutajar
Updated over a week ago

Local Viking Has 2 Options on how to Bulk posting Images

  1. The gallery option found at, houses all of your locally uploaded images (over the last 10 months) and also allows you to upload images directly in bulk for multiple locations. Check more info

  2. Multi-Location Media can be found here

Allows you to upload one image into Multiple Locations

Choose a category that you have in your GBP otherwise your image

Fallback to "Additional" Category button, helps you to prevent the image from getting rejected if it doesn't associate with a category that had been chosen

and it will be placed in an additional category

After that just upload an image or choose from a gallery ( all the images that have been uploaded prior)

Choose all the locations that you want to upload your image, or a tag(allows you to group locations)

Last step schedule your image

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