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CSV Data Export Options

CSV Data download

Written by Gen Cutajar
Updated over a week ago

There are three locations where you can download data from a CSV file in Local Viking.

The first place is by clicking on any of your GMB locations. On the left side panel, you will find the keyword section. At the top right of the keywords section, you will see a CSV button. This will give you all your keywords and ranks in a CSV file.

The second place is the Statistics area of the GMB. If you scroll down below the general breakdown for the GMB on the Dashboard page, you will see the statistics for that GMB. At the top right there will be a button to Export to CSV. This will give you all your data based upon the date range you set at the top left of the insight report.

The third CSV export is accessed in the Live and Scheduled Geogrid Search. If you go to Live Geo Grid and click on the history tab you'll see the list of all the Geogrid searches that you've run. If you hover over one of the entries,

you'll see the down arrow to export the CSV.

You can also download the geogrid report by clicking CSV.

For scheduled Geo Grids, if you go to the configs tab and click into any scheduled report, select the keyword you want a CSV file for and click CSV.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with customer support if you have any other questions. We can be reached through the chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen.

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