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Single/Multi-Location Media Upload
Single/Multi-Location Media Upload

How to add images to your location

Written by Gen Cutajar
Updated over a week ago

Navigate to your Locations tab and select the location you wish to upload media to.  

On the left, locate the 'Media' tab.

If you want to upload images for the single listing, select Media on the left panel. If you want to upload images to multiple locations at the same time, click 'Bulk Posting' at the top of the screen:

and then select Multi-Location Media:

For Multi-Location media posting, it's the same steps you'll follow in this how-to, the only difference is that you're adding multiple locations or tags. A tag is multiple locations grouped under one label.

For this walk through, we will be using single location media.

1) Click the 'Add Photo' button.

1) Select what category the image should be under. Some category examples are Profile, Interior, Exterior, and more.

2) 'Fall Back To Additional Category' is allowing your post to still be published even if it's rejected by Google based solely on user error when selecting the category it should fall under.

3) After clicking the 'Select Image button', you have 2 options for uploading a photo

First option is the personal 'Upload' that allows you to upload from your device. Second 'Search' option is to upload from our Internal Royalty Free Gallery.

4) After selecting the photo you'll be able to add EXIF data to your image.

For any other questions, please contact our support team by clicking the chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen.

5) After adding EXIF data, you can schedule the image to go live immediately or to schedule for a time in the future:

For any other questions please get in touch with our support team by clicking the chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen.

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