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GeoBooster Settings
GeoBooster Settings

Everything you need to know about GeoBooster settings

Written by Sebastian Donnelly
Updated over a week ago

Each location with GeoBooster enabled has a settings configuration tab that allows for you to connect to the Location's WordPress plugin and create Categories that will be available for selection in the mobile app as a Moment is created:

The first thing you'll want to create are the Categories:

Categories allow you to segment content for publishing based off of any criteria that is important to you and your business. Some examples you might model your categories after include different services such as Roof Replacement, Roof Repair, Metal Roof, Ceramic Tile Roof or perhaps different verticals such as Commercial and Residential. The categories you create here will be what is available to select in the mobile app during the creation of a Moment and will also be available in the WordPress plugin for you to 'bind' posts to particular pages.

The next setting down is for connecting to your WordPress instance. Ensure you've followed the GeoBooster WordPress Plugin Overview help doc and after you've installed the plugin, fill out the WordPress webhook url here:

As a simple example, if my site was "", I would enter the url: "" into the Wordpress webhook input.

The next field is an optional API token. If you're using WP REST API authentication, fill out the input with the proper Token that you find in your WordPress dashboard.

Find out more about the Zapier webhook field in our GeoBooster Zapier Integration help guide.

The last field is your Public Token, which you'll need to complete the WP plugin integration.

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