Android GeoBooster White Label

White Label GeoBooster for Android

Written by Sebastian Donnelly
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Only Enterprise accounts (and custom plans) are eligible to white label GeoBooster.

Every app in the Google Play Store gets submitted via a Google Developer account. You will need to create a Google Developer account to white label GeoBooster. This is a Google requirement and there is a one-time $25 fee you will need to pay.

We suggest creating a fresh Google account. That will make it easy to separate it from your other business and personal dealings. It will also simplify managing your app.


  1. Register for a Google Developer account here:

  2. Google walks you through a four-step process which can be seen below.

  3. You will click the CONTINUE TO PAYMENT button when you finish (seen below).

  4. There will be a pop-up prompting you to enter your payment information.

  5. Click the Pay button after you've entered your payment details. After that, you’re done. You will receive a confirmation email.

Once your Google Developer account is in good standing, you will have to add an admin to your Google Developers Console. Ask our support for the email that must be added as an administrator to your Google Developer account.

The following content is required by Google to publish the app:

1. Application name (30 characters max)

2. Short app description (80 character max)

3. Long app description (4000 character max)

4. Your publisher name (will show up on a copyright screen in the app and in the App Store)

5. App owner website address (your agency's URL in almost all cases)

6. App logo picture with 4k resolution on a transparent background (if your logo has text, we need both the logo and the text as separate 4k files on a transparent background)

8. If you don’t have a signing key for Play App Signing, we will create it. If there’s already one in your possession - we need it to sign the app

9. Terms of Service link

10. Privacy Policy link

11. Support URL (not en email - just some link where people can reach out to your customer support)

12. Public email that will be visible in Play Store's application data

For your convenience, we have gathered the required info for both Google Play Store and Apple App Store into this Google Form. Fill it out and we'll do the rest.

After these steps are completed, you will receive an email from Google once your app has been published.

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