Note: only accounts in the Enterprise Tier (or on a custom plan) are eligible to white label GeoBooster.

Instructions for Apple iOS

Every app in the Apple App Store gets submitted through an Apple Developer account. You will need to create an Apple Developer account to white label GeoBooster. This is an Apple requirement.


There is a $99 enrollment fee, which renews every year.

Some organizations can enroll for free (charities, schools, government organizations– things like that). You can click here to see if your organization is eligible.


We’ve created instructions to help you get an Apple Developer account. Apple support can be reached at (800) 633-2152 if you encounter any roadblocks.

First: Make an ID

This can be done at You can enter your existing Apple ID or make a new one. It’s a good idea to make a new Apple ID that is associated with the name of your business. It’ll help you keep your work-related account separate from your personal account.

Second: The Developer Agreement

You will need to read (or scroll through) Apple’s Developer Agreement.

Third: Pick Your Entity Type

You’ve got three choices: Government Organization, Organization, and Individual. If you select Individual, your full name will be displayed as your Developer Name. If you select Organization, your business name will be displayed as your Developer Name.

*It’s required that you select the Organization option. Other options don't allow adding external accounts, so we won't be able to release your app.

You will need these things to get started if you select Organization as your entity type:

An Apple ID, as previously stated

You will need a D-U-N-S number, which you can register for here:

Information about D-U-N-S numbers can be found here:

Your organization needs to be a legal entity in order to get contractually involved with Apple. You cannot use a DBA, fictitious business name, a trade name, or a branch. You will need to be legally authorized to enroll your organization into the Apple Developer Program, as well as the legal authorization to commit to legal agreements. If you are not a senior project lead, an executive, or an owner/founder, you will need to be granted permission to enter into contracts on the organization’s behalf.

If your company is a sole proprietorship, enroll here:

Fourth: Contact Details

Once you have declared your entity type (individual, company, government organization), you will need to confirm your organization’s (or personal) contact information.

Fifth: Confirm Your Purchase

You will enter your payment details and confirm to Apple that you confirm the transaction to complete your purchase

Final Step: Email Confirmation

Apple will email you an order confirmation that contains an email verification link. There will be on-screen instructions. Congratulate yourself after you finish: you’re now an Apple Developer. Well done.

Other Things To Be Aware Of:

Use your organization’s Apple ID when logging in to

Apple can take up to two days to confirm your account.

Make sure you log in at least once and the various Terms of Service prompts. You won’t be able to publish an iOS app if you don’t do this.

Disable two factor authentication.

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