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Checking your keyword ranks in Google. The correct way
Checking your keyword ranks in Google. The correct way

Why you should use Incognito mode when checking search results

Written by Sebastian Donnelly
Updated over a week ago

If you are logged in to Google Chrome, the search results you see will be tailored to your preferences and past search history. This means that websites you frequently visit may appear higher in the rankings than they actually are. This can give website owners a false sense of their page's ranking.

For example, if you regularly visit your own website, it may appear higher in the search results when you search for relevant keywords. However, for someone who is researching your products or services and does not have the same search history, your website may appear in a different position in the search engine results page (SERP).

One factor that can also affect the search results is location tracking. If you have enabled location tracking in your Chrome profile, the search results may prioritize websites that are closer to your location. This can be problematic if you also search from a different location, such as your office, as the results will always be based on your location.

To get unbiased search results and check your website's SEO ranking, it is recommended to use private browsing modes like Chrome Incognito. This browsing method does not store search history, cookies, or use your location to personalize the results. By using Incognito mode, you can see the average website ranking for new users searching for you.

Remember to always open a new Incognito window to ensure that your search results are not influenced by personalization. While we don't have access to Google's algorithms and cannot predict how personalization will affect your website in every case, using non-personalized search results as a benchmark can provide valuable insights. In most cases, your clients' personalized search results will be similar to your non-personalized results seen in Incognito mode.

Following these recommendations will help you see non-personalized search results and gain a better understanding of your website's true ranking.

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