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Best Practices For Posting Moments
Best Practices For Posting Moments

Get the most out of the content you create with gebooster

Written by Sebastian Donnelly
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Moments are an effective way to show your potential customers (and Google!) the quality of work you do and where you do it.

Moments also satisfy one of the core requirements of Google’s Ranking Algorithm: publishing relevant, rich content to your website and social channels on a consistent basis.

Moments can be dynamically published to your pages based on two factors: Geo (city or state) and Category (job type). That means that you can have Linda moments automatically show up on category pages (like, service area pages (like, or combined pages (like

Moment Length

SEO can be a complicated beast and page content length can play an important role in rankings. Keep your moments short - 1 small paragraph is enough (even 1 - 2 sentences). Our goal is consistently publishing small pieces of content versus ‘dumping’ large blocks of content into our pages.

Moment Content

Aim for getting a variety of synonyms for your services and variations on regional/geographic keywords. Consider using neighborhoods, street names (when appropriate), city names, zip codes, colloquial geographic names and cycle through them throughout your month of posting.

Consider the following Moments for a HVAC company in Los Angeles:

Downtown LA Installation:

"Wrapped up an AC installation in bustling Downtown LA today. This modern apartment now boasts a top-notch cooling system, ensuring comfort during those hot summer days. We love making city living a breeze!"

Venice Beach Maintenance:

"Spent the morning near the iconic Venice Beach boardwalk, tuning up an HVAC system. With the salty sea air, it's crucial to maintain these units regularly. Our client's beachside home is now ready for any weather!"

Beverly Hills Upgrade:

"Today's mission took us to a classic Beverly Hills mansion. The old HVAC system was no match for this grand residence, so we introduced the latest tech. Luxury living paired with modern cooling – a perfect match!"

Santa Monica Boulevard Repair:

"Had an eventful afternoon on Santa Monica Blvd. A heating hiccup needed our expertise, and we delivered. The resident can now enjoy warm and cozy nights without a hitch."

Pasadena Performance Check:

"Pasadena's charm was our backdrop today as we ran a performance check on an HVAC system. In a place like the 91101 zip code, efficiency is paramount. The system is now optimized for the seasons ahead."

West Hollywood Retrofit:

"Dove into a challenging retrofit in West Hollywood. This historic home needed modern HVAC solutions without compromising its charm. The result? Old-world beauty with 21st-century comfort!"

Pacific Palisades Inspection:

"The scenic Pacific Palisades was our workspace today. We inspected a heating setup to ensure it's ready for the cooler months. With our thorough checks, this home will stay warm, no matter the weather outside."

Glendale System Cleanup:

"A sunny day in Glendale saw us servicing and cleaning an HVAC unit. Dust and debris can affect air quality, so we ensure every nook is pristine. This home is now set for clean and fresh air all year round!"

Malibu Beachfront Boost:

"There's nothing like working with a Malibu beach view. Today, we boosted the efficiency of an HVAC system at a beachfront property. Between the sea breezes and our tweaks, this home is the epitome of comfort."

East LA Efficiency Upgrade:

"East Los Angeles greeted us with a project to remember. We upgraded a family home to a high-efficiency HVAC model. Energy savings and top-tier comfort are now the norm in this 90022 residence!"

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