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Creating An Offer Post
Creating An Offer Post

Offer GMB Post Type

Written by Sebastian Donnelly
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Offer posts have 12 inputs you need to know about:

1. Offer Title

2. Offer Time

3. Offer Date

4. CTA

5. Coupon Code

6. Redemption Link

7. Terms and Service

8. Post Summary

9. Spintax Settings

10. Previous Post URL

11. Post Image

12. Post Scheduling


Offer Title

This is the title that your Offer will have when posted to your GMB.

Event Time

Optionally add an hour and minute for your Offer.

Event Date

Your Offer needs a start date and an end date for Google to accept your Offer Post. 

Coupon Code

Enter a coupon code that you want displayed with this Offer post.

Redemption URL

Give a link for your customers to redeem this offer.

Terms and Conditions

Spell out the terms and conditions of this offer.


  The Call To Action allows you to have a button embedded on your GMB post.  Once you choose one of the Call To Action types, you must then enter a URL.  This is the URL that a visitor will end up on when they click the CTA button.

Post Summary

This is the main content of your GMB post. This is limited is 1500 words by Google.

Spintax Settings

If you're including spintax in your post, please check this box.

Previous Post URL

Local Viking can automatically 'daisy chain' your posts by inserting the :previous_post_url token into your content.

Post Image

Attract attention to your posts by including an image.  Google's suggested size is 720x540.  Please ensure images are less than 4MB in size.

Post Scheduling

You can schedule your GMB posts with Local Viking.  To schedule a post, toggle the 'Schedule Post' field to true and select the time you want to schedule your post at.  Once you've created a post that is yet to be published, you'll see it appear in your Posts listing for the GMB location. 

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