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Location Variables

Video and document to help you with location variables

Written by Sebastian Donnelly
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Location variables allow you to easily substitute in location-specific data when posting to a group of (or single) GBP listings. 

The following is the comprehensive list of variables available to you: 

{{location.address}} -
the full address of your listing
(141 S. Main St, Los Angeles, United States Of America)

{{}} -
the name of your listing
(John's Pest Control Inc.)

{{location.language_code}} -
the language code of your listing

{{location.website_url}} -
the website URL of the listing

{{location.business_website_url}} -
the GMB business website URL

{{location.address_lines}} -
the street address of your listing
(141 S. Main St.)

{{location.locality}} -
the city of your listing
(Los Angeles)

{{location.area}} -
usually the state of your listing

{{location.administrative_area}} -
also usually the state of your listing

{{location.category}} -
the primary category of your listing
(pest control service) 

{{location.maps_url}} -
the maps URL of your listing

{{location.review_url}} -
the URL for generating a new GMB review for this listing

{{location.service_areas}} -
the service areas of this listing, if applicable
(San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA)

{{location.primary_phone}} -

the phone number of your listing

((415) 993-1234)

{{}} -

the latitude of your listing


{{location.lng}} -

the longitude of your listing


{{location.gps}} -

the geographical coordinates of your listing, comma separated

(37.7785215, -122.4090967)

{{location.description}} -

the description of the listing

(We are a software development company specializing in web application development using modern tools [Ruby On Rails, Vue.js, Go] to bring ideas to life. Our team of designers, developers, sales, marketing and support staff work hard to see products from concept to deployment and growth.)

{{location.region_code}} -

usually the country code of your listing


{{location.postal_code}} -

the postal code of your listing


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