Configuring Your White Label Domain

How to get your white label configuration set up for Local Viking

Written by Sebastian Donnelly
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The Local Viking reporting white label feature supports domain, email, logo and color scheme white labeling. 

To get started, at the top right, click the dropdown menu and, click on your 'Organization' tab and select 'White Label Settings'.   From this screen, you are able to create as many white label brands as you would like.  To add a new brand click the 'Add New Configuration' button:

1: Public Access allows your reporting to be available via either the local viking organization sub domain that we generate for you and/or the custom domain you add.  If it is set to Off, you will only be able to view reports as a logged in user.

2: Default determines if this white label configuration is available for reports (inactive vs active). 

3: Public subdomain section will be the domain that your reports are served from by default (with no white label configuration set up).

4: White Label Domain, to configure your white label domain you will need to login to your registrar (where your domain is hosted) and add a CNAME record that resolves to ''.

Once you've done this process, our system will be able to detect your domain and properly configure things on our side.

Every registrar is a bit different so google 'how to add CNAME' + your registrar to get specific details.  For example, if i had my domain '' purchased at NameCheap, I would google 'how to add CNAME Namecheap' and follow the instructions in the article listed. If I wanted my white label domain to be '', I would create the 'reporting' CNAME and set it to 

5: Brand, enter the name of your white label brand name.

6: Email, you can enter an email you would like the system to send reports out from.  Currently, the email can't receive replies so choose something like 'noreply' to let your customers know they shouldn't reply to reporting emails. 

7: Primary Color enter your hex code for the color that you would like the navigation bar to be.

8: Logo, upload a logo for your white label configuration

9: App Logo upload an app logo for your white label configuration

10: App Favicon upload an App Favicon for your white label configuration

Finally,  Once you've added this white label configuration you can go to the New Report configuration page and select the white label configuration: 

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