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Explaining Stats in Geogrids
Explaining Stats in Geogrids


Written by Gen Cutajar
Updated over a week ago

AGR = Average Grid Rank

ATGR = Average Total Grid Rank
These metrics show your average business position locally (AGR) or on a wide area (ATGR).

AGR uses only search results between 1-20 while ATGR includes ranks when the business can not be found among the first 20 search results.
For example, a geogrid search map with AGR = 5 and ATGR = 15 would look like a red square with some greens inside.

SoLV = Share of Local Voice

That's a pre-digital marketing metric that describes the share of your advertising compared to your competitors. It indicates how popular your business is, its position on the market, how many people know your brand, how much they talk about it, and how often they come across it online.

It's best to have all of these three metrics closer to a 1.

The difference is that the SoLV ranks from 0 to 1 ascending while the other two from 21 to 1 descending.

In general, you can tell which Geogrid search is better without actually looking at it. They are already present on the Live Geogrids/History page. We're also gonna add these metrics to the Scheduled Geogrids pages a bit later.

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