Login to your Local Viking account, go to https://localviking.com/white_label_configurations

and configure your white label domain.

Click this link for instructions on setting your white label configuration up


Don't forget to add the Client ID to the Google App ID

Don't forget to add the Client Secret to the Google App Secret

Don't forget to add the Subdomain to the White Label Domain

The properly configured Whitelabel configuration in Local Viking will have a green check mark next to it on the https://localviking.com/white_label_configurations page:

Please, contact support if the green check mark doesn’t appear 2-3 hours after configuration!

If you are an Agency

- Message/Email us your Subdomain you set a CNAME record for

- Message/Email us your Client ID

- Message/Email us your Client Secret

- Message/Email us a screenshot with the email confirming your API request was approved

You can contact us by logging into your Local Viking account and messaging live support or email us at team@localviking.com

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