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Introducing to Audit
Written by Gen Cutajar
Updated this week

A feature audit of a Google My Business (GMB) profile involves a comprehensive analysis of the various components and functionalities of your GMB listing as well as those of your five competitors. This process helps you identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within your local online presence. Here's an outline of how such an audit will be conducted:

1. Overview of your business and your ranks

View a Geogrid of where your business stands in local search results within your geographical area.

2. Google Maps Placement

Assess the placement of your GMB profile and competitors' listings on Google Maps

2. Categories and Attributes:

Review the primary and secondary categories chosen for each GMB listing. Assess whether the categories accurately represent the business and its services

3. Reviews and Ratings: Analyze the quantity, quality, and sentiment of customer reviews for each GMB profile. Compare average ratings and assess how competitors are responding to reviews and engaging with customers.

4. Visual Content: Evaluate the use of visual elements such as photos and videos on GMB listings. Compare the number of images showcasing the images, street views, and panoramas of each business.

5. Posts and Updates: Examine the frequency and content of posts on GMB profiles. Assess how effectively each business is using posts

6. JSON-LD will crawl your business data, compare your JSON - LD with your competition, and copy the code if required.

7. Quantity of services See if your business offers the same services as your competitors.

8. Business attributes

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