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Reasons Your Google Business Profile Posts Are Not Being Approved
Reasons Your Google Business Profile Posts Are Not Being Approved


Written by Gen Cutajar
Updated over a week ago

Title: Common Reasons Behind Rejection of Google Business Profile Posts

1. Violations in Text Content: Google Business Profile strictly enforces its guidelines, automatically rejecting posts containing prohibited text. This includes sharing sensitive information like contact details, engaging in spamming activities, political discussions, or any form of inappropriate content. It's crucial to review your posts for adherence to these standards, presenting your business professionally and within compliance.

2. Issues with Images or Videos: The quality and authenticity of visual content are paramount. Posts with overly edited, improperly formatted, or low-quality images and videos face rejection. Although stock photos are permissible, they are not recommended due to their lack of genuineness. Furthermore, content that could be construed as offensive or supports illegal activities is not allowed, emphasizing the need for adherence to Google’s content guidelines.

3. Misinformation and Misrepresentation: Misleading information that could confuse or deceive potential customers is a significant concern for Google. Content that includes false claims, misrepresents product or service quality, or any deceptive practices that could affect user decision-making is not tolerated. Ensuring accuracy and honesty in your posts is essential for a positive user experience and maintaining trust.

4. Account Flagging Issues: Violating Google's policies can result in your account being flagged, halting the publication of new or scheduled posts. This measure is to curb the dissemination of incorrect or harmful information and maintain the platform's integrity and safety. If your account is flagged, reaching out to Google Support for resolution is necessary.

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