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Adding EXIF Data To Photos
Adding EXIF Data To Photos

How to add Exif Data

Written by Gen Cutajar
Updated over a week ago

In Local Viking, you're able to upload photos to your GMB with EXIF Data. 

This article will be covering how to add EXIF to the photo you wish to upload.

After selecting the photo you'd like to upload by following this help document:

You're given options for adding EXIF:

By clicking on the 'Current EXIF' tab, you'll see the option to add 'Fill With Recommended EXIF'

That option will populate placeholders that pull directly from your GMB dashboard and autofill those attribute fields.

If you scroll down a bit, you'll then see the option to add Lat and Long to your photo. For that you have 2 options. 1) Leave it with the placeholder and it will autofill with the locations coordinates. Or 2) clear that field and add a custom lat and long for specific areas you want to geo tag for.

Once complete, you'll hit the 'OK' button and you have just successfully added EXIF data to your photo :-)

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