Reporting Configuration & Set Up

Setting Up Reporting In Local Viking

Written by Gen Cutajar
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Step 1 To get the report done the first thing we need to do is to create a Report Configuration, we will need to set up a recurring schedule for weekly or monthly reports to be generated.

Step 2 Provide a name for internal use, select the desired location for the report, and choose "Search Term" to include Geogrids in the report.

P.s Please create Scheduled Geogrid first here is the article

Step 3 Select the properties you would like to include in your report. Also, please remember that if you want to see complete statistics, including negative and zero values, you can do so by turning on the "Show zero values" and "Show decreases" buttons.

Step 4 Choose the reporting period, either weekly, one month, or three months.

Step 5 Select How often the report should run

Step 6 And Last thing fill out the email and add a White Label

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