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GeoBooster White Label Mobile Application

How to White Label the GeoBooster mobile application

Written by Sebastian Donnelly
Updated over a week ago

By default, the Local Viking GeoBooster mobile application is branded as.. well.. "LocalBooster". Agencies that wish to White Label the application (have a custom branded version of the application available in the Apple & Android stores) will have to set up their own Apple and Android developer store accounts and work with our customer support team to get your application live.

Please note that White Label Applications are only available to Enterprise customers. If you are not already an Enterprise customer, we recommend getting set up with your developer accounts before upgrading your subscription.

To get started with your white label application process, please send us an email to and/or give us a message on live chat.

For your convenience, we have gathered the required info for both Google Play Store and Apple App Store into this Google Form. Fill it out and we'll do the rest.

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